About Us

Customer data is your most valuable asset. We’re on a mission to help you keep it up to date.

We’re a team of people working to help businesses around the globe in their sales efforts. Our main office is located in Brussels, Belgium and we also have an office in Colorado, USA and in Montreal, Canada.

Why JobTitle.io?

JobTitle.io was born while working on Prospect.io, out of a simple need for our customers: to keep their contact list up to date and usable.

People changing jobs now more than ever before is one of the biggest problems faced by sales and account managers.

What happens with your happy customers when they change companies? What happens with these qualified prospects waiting in your CRM to be nurtured again, but who changed their jobs in the meantime? Actually, there’s no better time to reach out to them at their new jobs and get them as customers.

This is where JobTitle.io comes in: by tracking your contacts’ job changes and automatically updating their information, it transforms this outdated data into profitable opportunities.

Our team

Meet the doers and makers

  • Alexandra Tallon Account Manager
  • Alexis Clarembeau Software Engineer
  • Arnaud Etienne Software Engineer
  • Carina Gotovcenco Customer Care Representative
  • David Geilfus Product Designer
  • Gauthier Fraiture CTO
  • Madison Helin Operations Manager
  • Nicolas Fléron Software Engineer
  • Thibault Willems Software Engineer
  • Vincenzo Ruggiero CEO
  • Zoé Van Hoef Illustrator